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About Open Immunize

The Vision

Immunization data is an important part of an individual’s longitudinal health story, however public health authorities to track immunization often have to purchase commercial, jurisdictional immunization management systems (IMS) or roll their own. Open Immunize seeks to provide a open source, customizable, enterprise scale jurisdictional IMS solution founded on the tenants of Open Architecture, Interoperability, Security & Privacy and Extensibility.

Open Immunize provides a series of open interfaces (i.e. an Open Architecture) allowing regions across the globe to leverage our reusable components to perform, forecast and track immunizations from cradle to grave. Open Immunize achieves this by supporting a variety of use cases with a flexible master data model which means that differences in requirements do not require entire, sweeping re-programming of the core data, rather customization of the existing models.

Furthermore the open architecture allows anyone to play. Whether it is writing an extension / plugin for the backing IMS solution, or providing a value-add service over the wire such as a web-portal, mobile application, or reporting engine integration; Open Immunize probably has an extension point for you.

Presentations & More Information

Open Immunize provide extensive documentation for the IMS solution as well as the overall architecture and requirements upon which our community is building this vision of the future. You can find out more under the Documentation page.

You can also take a look at our Solutions Architecture Presentation which outlines the overall solutions architecture for the Open Immunize IMS.


Open Immunize is intended to be a community project. We value the contributions of our existing community members and volunteers who maintain the libraries upon which Open Immunize is based. See our Contributions page for more information.

Currently we’re in the process of getting an initial release of the IMS ready for the HL7® FHIR™ connect-a-thon. We will begin seeking feedback and input regarding in-country requirements and/or design work for mobile applications which interface with the Open Immunize IMS services in the near future. Keep an eye out for “Project Openings” on our home page.

OpenIZ Build Health

OpenIZ’s continuous integration server (Jenkins) can be found at

Test Results

The following chart illustrates the test results from our build server.

Code Coverage

Code Maintainability

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