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Open Immunize Contributions

Open Immunize is intended to be a community project and we welcome support to the Open Immunize project. Please see “Getting Involved” below to find out how to get involved.

Project Coordinators

Justin Fyfe (Coordinator)
Role: Coordinator
Organization: Mohawk College / MEDIC & Fyfe Software Inc.
Duane Bender
Role: Coordinator
Organization: Mohawk College / MEDIC

For a list of all community contributors see: People


Getting Involved

The Open Immunize community continually posts openings for contributors on our team page. If you’re interested in applying, we typically look for contributors who:

  • Have knowledge of Immunization Management Systems (IMS)
  • Are experienced with Interoperability Standards such as HL7® CDA™, HL7® Version 2, HL7® FHIR™
  • Enjoy developing code in C# and writing unit tests
  • Have experience following GIT workflows and merging pull requests


Git Workflow

The Open Immunize project has several branches, we use GIT much like a traditional SVN:

  • masterContains code for major releases of Open Immunize in a continuous development cycle. Changes to master are only ever merged from the current develop branch.
  • release – Maintenance branches for major versions (example: release/1.0 , release/1.1, etc.). Only patches are merged into release, that is, functionality that fixes an issue specific to a particular major release. Patches typically are merged into the release and then merged into master if appropriate.
  • develop – Develop is the main development branch. This represents a continuous workspace for developers to create branches for new features (rather than patches) and represents work towards the newest release of Open Immunize.
  • feature – Represent feature branches such as patches, etc.

In addition, every release (major and minor) is tagged in its release branch. The exception to this is preview releases which are tagged from develop. Preview releases have no long term support, therefore do no receive patches.

Included Software

Open Immunize would like to recognize the hard work of the countless volunteers who maintain the libraries upon which Open Immunize is dependent.

Library Version License URL
MEDIC ATNA API 1.0.0 Apache 2.0 CodePlex
MEDIC CTS API (Portions) 1.0.0 Apache 2.0 MARC-HI Tech Exchange
HL7® FHIR™ Reference API (Portions) 0.90.4 MS-PL GitHub
MARC-HI Everest Framework 1.2.12 Apache 2.0 CodePlex
MARC-HI Service Core Framework 2.0 NT Branch Apache 2.0 CodePlex
Newtonsoft JSON 4.5.11 MIT CodePlex
NHAPI 2.3.01 MPL 1.1 CodePlex

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