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Overall Architecture

OpenIZ provides a loosely coupled open system architecture. The following figure illustrates the major components of the OpenIZ platform where each bidirectional arrow represents a communications channel over an open standard.


The major components of the architecture are:

  • OpenIZ Immunization Management System (IMS): The IMS is the primary platform component of the OpenIZ platform. The OpenIZ IMS is responsible (at a high level) for:
    • Maintenance of individuals’ immunization records
    • Scheduling and maintenance of immunization appointments
    • Forecasting immunization schedules and demand
    • Integration with infrastructural systems such as Logistics Management Information Systems (LMIS), Health Management Information Systems (HMIS), educational systems, etc.
  • OpenIZ Analytics Products: Represent products which perform business intelligence functions. These are typically commercial BI products which are configured to work the OpenIZ backbone and data services. These types of interfaces are typically used by regional, district and national immunization coordinators.
  • OpenIZ Applications: Represent applications such as EMRs, HISs, Mobile Applications, and custom websites which use the IMS to convey data to end users. This also include s the reference implementations of the patient and provider mobile applications.
  • OpenIZ Administration: Represent administrative interfaces and services which are responsible for the maintenance and health of the OpenIZ IMS engine. These include configuration, reconciliation and other services which end users (clinicians, immunization officers, receptionists, etc.) do not require access to.

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